About us

What we do

The Orphan Well Cooperative brings all of the necessary parties to the table, working together to bring awareness, data-driven understanding, and finally solutions and action to the forefront.

Orphan oil and gas wells are a complicated consequence of the way in which our nation has produced energy for hundreds of years.

It takes expertise from the oil & gas industry paired with regulatory agencies and policymakers, tribal leaders, landowners and community members, scientists, and environmental advocates to address the entirety of the impacts orphan wells may cause.

We are focused on reclaiming the orphan wells that exist today on behalf of people and eco-systems that need it most.

Driven by industry experience, fueled by our families, & inspired by our land.

Our valuable oil and gas know-how is a critical part of the orphan well solution.


When resources are limited, it is critical to create a strategy that prioritizes impact.  The research we invest in adds to our dataset of impact quantification for orphan wells.  This includes emissions measurement, soil & water sampling, and landowner engagement so that we can measure results.


The data we collect and its accompanying analysis is made available to all and transparently communicated to stakeholders so that they may contribute to the overall strategy around orphan wells.  Our educational efforts may be as detailed as the nuance of orphan well rights, title, and interest or as fundamental as “what is an orphan well?”


Execution of a well constructed strategy is at the heart of what we do.  The difference made by plugging a well and restoring the associated lands drives us to do more.

We believe everyone has something valuable to offer

We believe in honesty, even when it is difficult

We believe in creativity as a powerful tool

We believe we are stronger together

Our Leadership

We value inclusivity and believe that by incorporating different perspectives we can achieve the best solutions possible for all stakeholders.

“ We believe in leaving things better off than they were when we got here.  For us, this means completing the life-cycle of Oil & Gas wells by plugging and restoration specifically.  More broadly, creating a Fellowship around responsible behavior ensures that we do not find ourselves in a similar situation in the future. ”

Phil Pahl


Owner, Landlocked GIS

Brooke Swain

Vice President

Project Manager, Rebellion Energy Solutions

Jimmy Nummy


Assistant Controller Mustang Fuel Corp

Kate Henderson


President, Bearcat Land

Staci Taruscio

CEO, Rebellion Energy Solutions

Jamie Jost

Founder and Managing Shareholder, Jost Energy Law, P.C.

Dr. Amy Townsend-Small

Environmental Scientist, University of Cincinnati

James Holdge

Partner, Echo Investment Capital