Mission Impact

Strict Processes | Transparent Reporting | Attention to Detail

Advancing policies to help people and nature

It takes expertise from the oil & gas industry paired with regulatory agencies and policymakers, tribal leaders, landowners and community members, scientists, and environmental advocates to address the entirety of the impacts orphan wells may cause.

Tranparency always

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Independent and Diverse Board Composition.

Our latest Form 990, a non profit tax return, includes our structure and also shows our income and expenses.

Financial Literacy. Conservative Liabilities to Assets.

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Our mission

The orphan well cooperative brings all of the necessary parties to the table, working together to bring awareness, data-driven understanding, and finally solutions and action to the forefront

We believe everyone has something valuable to offer

We believe in honesty, even when it is difficult

We believe in creativity as a powerful tool

We believe we are stronger together

We are a community committed to solving the orphan wells problem

Kate Handerson

February 2023

I will do whatever I can to protect my home and my neighbors.

Amy Townsend-Small

February 2023

Because awareness and education makes us more powerful.

Brooke Swain

February 2023

My family has been involved in the oil & gas industry for many generations, this work is how I honor my heritage.

Our valuable oil and gas no-how is a critical part of the orphan well solution.
We are a volunteer community committed to solving for orphan wells.
Education and awareness make us more powerful.
We value inclusivity and believe that by incorporating different perspectives we can achieve the best solutions possible for all stakeholders.
Plugging the conduit for pollutant migration up and down the wellbore protects our vital air and water resources in the long-term as well as keeps the surrounding communities healthy and safe today.
Incorporating reclaimed sites into their surroundings and working with landowners as we go increases the environmental and social value of old sites and instills pride in the surrounding community.
Focusing on plugging providers with similar values and investing in innovative technology, spreads our impact beyond a single well-site.
Eliminating ALL emissions associated with abandoned wells takes the burden off the state and its taxpayers.
We go beyond "clean-up", taking a holistic approach to well-site and lease road restoration.


Common questions

Orphan oil and gas wells no longer have an operator to maintain or remediate them and have become the responsibility of state, federal, or tribal governments.

There are a variety of ways these wells are left behind; from lack of proper paperwork to decline in operator resources. Whatever the reason, there are far more un-identified orphan wells than anyone is currently able to document.

As these wells age, they can pose risks to human health and well-being and threaten our natural resources.
If you have a non-producing oil and gas well on your property, give us a call and we can help determine its status.
Give us a call and we will direct you to the proper regulatory agency to report an orphan well.
Yes, all oil and gas wells can be dangerous and should be avoided without proper training, safety equipment, etc…
The first step is to report the well. We can help you do so AND start it on the road to being plugged!